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Attic Restoration

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Attic Restoration Services in San Diego

We are committed to improving the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of San Diego attics. When we work in the unseen areas of our client’s home, it is not uncommon for us to find that important work needs to be done to repair or improve the health of the attic spaces.

Jakobsen Restoration has carefully selected and vetted the highest quality contractors, vendors, and home service providers to ensure the best customer experience. You can rest assured that anytime we have another company helping out on your project, we will not only be there to provide leadership and assistance, but the partner company also has your best interests in mind.

Jakobsen Restoration
Attic Restoration

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Insulation Installation

We can install high-quality insulation in your attic to make it more comfortable and conserve energy.

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Ventilation Installation

We'll install an appropriate ventilation system in your attic to keep it dry, comfortable, and safe.

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Roof Repair

A damaged or leaking roof can lead to serious problems, including water damage and mold growth. Our team will assess your roof's condition and provide the needed repairs.

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Pest Control

We will inspect your attic for signs of pest infestation and provide safe and effective pest control services to eliminate the problem.

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Cleaning and Decontamination

A dirty and contaminated attic can negatively impact your health and air quality. We offer thorough cleaning services to ensure no harmful contaminants or allergens remain in your attic space.

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Structural Repair

If your attic's structure is damaged or weakened, it can be dangerous and compromise the safety of your home. Our team will provide necessary structural repairs to ensure that this does not happen—and if it has already occurred, fix any damage so that you feel safe in your home again

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Lighting and Electrical

We'll install lighting and electrical systems to make your attic functional.

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