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Sewage Cleanup

A sewage backup is one of the more unpleasant issues a homeowner can experience. To take care of the mess and restore your home, contact Jakobsen Restoration today.

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Professional Sewage Cleanup Services

Sewage cleanup is a crucial service that addresses the aftermath of sewage backups or leaks, which pose significant health risks and property damage. When sewage contaminates a home, it requires immediate attention from trained professionals equipped to handle hazardous waste and sanitize affected areas thoroughly.

At Jakobsen Restoration, our expert technicians utilize specialized equipment and techniques to remove sewage, disinfect surfaces, and restore the affected space to a safe and habitable condition. Beyond surface cleanup, thorough deodorization and air purification are essential to eliminate lingering odors and ensure indoor air quality. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and compassion, our sewage cleanup team provides invaluable support to property owners during a distressing and potentially hazardous situation.

What Causes Sewage Backups?

Sewage backups in homes can occur due to various factors, often stemming from blockages or failures within the plumbing system. Common causes include clogged sewer lines caused by accumulated debris, grease buildup, or tree roots infiltrating underground pipes. Additionally, structural defects such as collapsed pipes or improper installation can contribute to sewage backups. Heavy rainfall or flooding may also overwhelm sewer systems, causing sewage to back up into homes through drains and toilets. Inadequate maintenance of plumbing fixtures and appliances can exacerbate the risk of backups. Understanding the potential causes of sewage backups is crucial for homeowners to take preventive measures and ensure the proper functioning of their plumbing systems.

Signs of a Sewage Backup

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Slow Draining Pipes: Often an early indication, indicating potential blockages in the sewer line that can lead to backups if left unchecked.

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Sewage Smell: The unmistakable smell of sewage indoors is another telltale sign, suggesting that wastewater is not properly flowing through the plumbing system.

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Bubbling and Gurgling Sounds: Bubbling and gurgling sounds emanating from drains or toilets may indicate air pockets caused by trapped sewage, signaling an impending backup.

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Water Pooling Around Sewage Lines: Especially after heavy usage, is a clear indicator of a potential blockage or leakage in the sewer line, necessitating immediate attention to prevent a backup and potential water damage.

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